History of Cantonment Board


Cantonment Board Sargodha was established vide Govt of Pakistan Ministry of Defense Gazette Notification No. 1218/50 dated 02/12/1959. The raison deter of declaring Cantonment in Sargodha was the existence of one of the foremost Air Bases in Pakistan. This Cantonment remained subject to vicissitudes for considerable length of time as areas kept on being excluded and included in it.

Topographically Sargodha Cantt. is a homogenous mixture of urban and rural areas. It comprises of vast stretches of agriculture lands, cluster of orchards, sporadic habitation and densely populated shanty colonies, whereas the posh area of this Cantonment comprises of the surroundings of Club Road and the PAF inhabitation primarily, the area comprising of the Katchi Abadis call for great deal of development works and improvements. The Cantonment area signifies a ship shape locality wherein basic civic amenities are readily available but the state of affairs in congested area of Sargodha Cantt belie the same.

Although Cantonment Board ventured gigantic projects of laying of sewerage pipe lines which is the only of its kind in Sargodha, yet owing to its non-extension a number of areas are yet to be provided the facility of sewerage system. The paucity of potable water in a number of areas is also one of the crying needs of this Cantonment. The laying of proper streets/roads, construction of drains, provision of street lights and other allied civic facilities which ought to be include in vocalized colonies are markedly conspicuous by their absence in various parts of Cantonment limits. Despite there being scope for improvement, the Cantt area is envied by the local population as there is a discerning difference between it and its surrounding of Tehsil Municipal Administered areas. The Air Force establishment comprising of Base Headquarters i.e Technical and domestic area continue the hub of Cantonment and is encircled by civic habitations.

With the increase in overall population, the area around the PAF Base is witnessing a considerable swelling up on hamlets and a marked growth of isolated houses. At present too, the existence of residential areas in the vicinity of the PAF Base poses to be a potential safety hazard. This tendency if left unchecked can jeopardize the safety and security of the installations and health of the troops stationed in the base in long run. For this measures, needs as well as future which can be done by acquiring the lands around the Base. Active participation of the civil administration by enforcing the safety regulations in tandem with the PAF authorities, around defense areas can also go a long way in curbing mushroom growth around the Base which in turn can also enhance the overall image and impact of the Cantonment area.