House Tax

House Tax is imposed @ Rs.15% of the annual rental value.

Property Tax

Tax on transfer of immoveable property is also being collected by the Board @ Rs.5% of consideration money.

Building Tax

Building tax has been imposed at the following rates:-

  1. PUCCA Construction - Ground Foor:

    Bungalow/house(B.B.Walls) R.C.C. tiles batons or steel section roof, cemented or mosaic floor of covered area with sanitary fittings. Rs.5/-per 100 Sft. area.
    Ist floor or subsequent stories. Rs.10/-per 100 Sft of covered area.
    Alteration/addition in ground floor,or subsequent covered area. Rs.3/-per 100 Sft of the covered area.
  2. Katcha Construction:

    House and other structures of sun dried bricks walls, Mat or Sarkanda roof and Katcha floor. Rs.2/-per 100 Sft of the covered area.

Professional Tax

Professional tax is imposed at different rates.

Professional Tax

Professional tax is imposed at different rates.

Water Tax

It is imposed on monthly basis from the date of connection allotment.

Sewerage Tax

It is charged on yearly basis from the connection allotment date.


Cantonment Board has four vehicles for rubbish removal purposes which comprise of two tractors with covered trollies and two covered vehicles. Removal method remained satisfactory during the year under report.

Water Supply

There are two water supply schemes. Cantonment Board is running presently one water supply scheme at Khaliqabad and one at Tariqabad. Both are functioning.

Foot Paths

One new foot-path has been constructed during the year under report. Existing foot-paths on PAF Road, Club Road have been repaired to keep them in good condition. However foot-path of Railway road is in shabby condition and cannot be maintained due to paucity of funds.